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Classical Ballet & Pointe

Beginning Ballet/ ages 6-8 yrs
Beginning Ballet/ ages 9-12 yrs
Ballet 2/ junior ages 8-12 yrs, 1-2 yrs previous training Teen Ballet 2/ teen ages 12 & up, 1-2 yrs previous training Ballet 3 & Ballet 4/ Intermediate Level, 3-4 yrs previous training

Ballet 5/ Intermediate Level, Pre Pointe level, min. 4 yrs

previous training

Ballet 6 & Ballet 7/ Intermediate-Advanced Level, min. 5 yrs previous training

Pointe Classes are offered in the following levels based on assessment prior to enrollment:

Pre Pointe, Beginning Pointe, Intermediate and Advanced Pointe

Pas De Deux is offered to our Intermediate and Advanced Dancers

Proper Ballet attire is required with hair in a neat ballet bun.  Ballet skirts are permitted with teacher approval.

Lyrical, Contemporary & Modern

Lyrical Jr

Contemporary Jr Intermediate, Contemporary Teen Intermediate & Contemporary Senior Advanced

Modern Beginning- Intermediate & Modern Intermediate-Advanced

Combining the techniques of Ballet & Jazz; Lyrical, Contemporary and Modern emphasizes the freedom of expression through movement and interpretation of music.

Ballet and Jazz experience and training are pre-requisites for enrolling in our Lyrical, Contemporary and Modern classes and dancers are required to be enrolled in the appropriate Ballet and Jazz classes in order to participate.  Appropriate dance apparel required.


Beginning Jazz/ ages 6-8 yrs

Beginning Jazz/ ages 9-12 yrs

Jazz 2a and Jazz 2b
Jazz, Turns & Leaps Level 3
Jazz, Turns & Leaps Level 4
Jazz, Turns & Leaps Level 5

Jazz, Turns & Leaps Level 6

Placement in Jazz Levels coincides with each students’ age and ballet levels.

Classic, contemporary, and funk jazz styles are offered in our jazz curriculum.
We offer Jazz training in all levels beginning through advanced, exploring a variety of styles within the genre of Jazz dance. Strong emphasis will be placed on technique, incorporating many aspects of ballet and modern dance. Class instruction includes a warmup, center exercises to increase strength and flexibility, progressions across the floor, leaps and turns, as well as choreographed routines. Ballet is a pre-requisite for participation in our Jazz classes. Appropriate dance attire and jazz shoes is required.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop ages 6-10 yrs
Hip Hop Teen / ages 10 and up
Hip Hop Int Jr/ 2-3 yrs previous training

Hip Hop Int Teen/ previous training required

Hip Hop Adv Sr/ previous training required


"Hip hop dance is a range of street dance

styles primarily performed to hip hop music or

that have evolved as part of hip hop culture. It

is influenced by a wide range of styles that

were created in the 1970s and made popular

by dance crews in the United States." ~ Wikipedia


Appropriate dance attire
NO jeans or skirts. Clean tennis shoes are mandatory

Acro and Tumbling

Tumbling ages 6-8

Tumbling ages 9-12

Tumbling Junior

Tumbling Teen

Tumbling Senior


Acro and Tumbling for dance combines classical forms of dance with acrobatic and tumbling elements. Athletic in character, training will include exercises to build strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, mat tumbling skills, inversions and trust actvities.

Appropriate dance attire required.


Beginning Tap/ 6-8 yrs
Beginning Tap/9-12 yrs
Tap 2/ Junior ages 8-12 yrs, 1-2 yrs previous training

Tap 3  & Tap 4/ Teens Intermediate Level, 3-4 yrs previous training

Tap 5 & Tap 6/ Advanced Level

We offer Tap training in all levels beginning through advanced, studying both tradiIonal and contemporary styles of Tap. Technical correctness and the importance of rhythms and sounds of tap will be focused upon as well as the importance of overall line and movement of the body in conjuncIon with the movement of the feet. Precision and speed (in both center and across the floor movement) increases in difficulty at each level.

Appropriate dance attire and tap shoes required.

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